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Ontario Home Energy Savings Program (OHESP)
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Union Gas Home Renovation Rebate

Union Gas

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Union Gas Home Reno Rebate Program

How to qualify:

You need to:

  • Have an active Union Gas account
  • Have a natural gas furnace/boiler
  • Own a detached or semi-detached home
  • Live in Central or Southwestern Ontario

And you must:

  • Do an energy assessment both before and after your renovation
  • Complete at least two eligible renovations, saving a minimum of 550 m3 of natural gas a year (or 740 m3 with a furnace upgrade)

Maximum $5,000 rebate includes up to $500 for both energy assessments.
You pay the HST on the cost of the assessments.

Union Gas Home Reno Rebate

Eligible renos and rebates:

Furnace/Boiler $1000 — For replacing low or mid-efficiency heating system with 95% AFUE or higher condensing natural gas furnace or 90% AFUE or higher ENERGY STAR® condensing gas boiler

Water Heater $500 — For replacing water heater with ENERGY STAR and ecoENERGY-qualified instantaneous natural gas water heater with EF of 0.82 or higher

How to take advantage of the Home Reno Rebate:

  1. Call Bosanac Heating and Electric 905-545-3959 to find out if you qualify for Union Gas' Home Reno Rebate.
  2. Complete your first home energy assessment.
  3. Review your first assessment with your energy assement advisor and discuss what renos should be done to qualify.
  4. Call Bosanac Heating and Electric 905-545-3959 if you need to complete Furnace/Boiler and Water Heater renos.
  5. Complete your second assessment and verify your renos.
  6. Once you submit all the documents proving the renos done to Union Gas you can get your rebate cheque within 60 days of submission.

    Limited time offer available to Union Gas residential customers in Central or Southwestern Ontario. Must own detached or semi-detached home and complete at least two upgrades that save minimum of 550 m3 of natural gas (or 740 m3 with a furnace upgrade). Maximum of 120 days between the first and second assessment allowed. Program expires Dec. 31, 2016. Rebates available on first come, first served basis. Rebate payment subject to availability of funds. Union Gas reserves the right to revise program without advance notice including rebate amounts and eligibility. Homeowner responsible for ensuring rebate eligibility, choosing eligible certified energy advisors, keeping invoices and meeting criteria and deadlines.

    For full terms and details about the Union Gas "Home Reno Rebate" program please refer to the Union Gas website.