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We have been providing electrical repair and installation service for the Residential community for over 61 years, keeping the lights on and the power connected. For the safety of you and your customers, you can trust Bosanac Heating & Electric to respond quickly with quality to your electrical service needs.

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We repair and install:

  • Indoor lights
  • Outdoor lights
  • Circuit breakers
  • Service changes and
  • upgrades
  • Bath lights, fan
  • heaters
  • Motion sensors
  • Ceiling fans
  • Outlets and switches
  • Thermostats
  • Appliance hook-ups
  • Back-up generators
  • Everything electrical
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5 Warning Signs you Need Electrical Services in Hamilton, ON

Most individuals in Hamilton, ON don’t even think about what’s hiding behind the walls of their home. Yet, every time you use your iron or flip a fan switch, you’re drawing from the electrical wiring of your home and this could cause huge issues if your wiring is old or damaged. If your wiring starts turning bad, the issues could go unseen to your unfamiliar eye. And, to normal homeowners, damaged wiring looks the same as good wiring, so they don’t realize they need repairs done and therefore take no action, which can lead to major accidents. As a homeowner, this is why it’s critical you’re aware of some common warning signs you need electrical services in Hamilton, ON. Below are five warning signs to look out for.

1. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Circuit breakers trip from time to time and aren’t typically too much of a concern. But, if your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, it could be a sign you have a more serious underlying issue. If you’re having to continually reset the breakers (particularly the same one), this could be an indication the electrical system in your home is overloaded. You might require an upgrade, particularly if your electrical panel is old.

2. Burning Smell and/or Sparking

If you see a blue spark occur occasionally when you’re plugging an appliance in, it’s likely nothing you must worry about. However, if this “sparking” is frequent (particularly if they’re yellow-colored sparks), this could indicate a serious problem with the wiring. This also applies if you’re noticing a burning smell accompany the sparking or if the burning smell is coming from any of the switches or outlets in your home. In this case, you’re going to want to immediately call for electrical services in Hamilton, ON, like Bosanac Heating & Electric, and have a licensed electrician come and make repairs since it could turn into an electrical fire if you don’t have it resolved.

3. Buzzing Noises

You’ll also want to call a professional electrician if you hear any buzzing noises coming from your outlets or other electrical devices. This could mean your circuit box has loose wiring. The cover plates may also be too hot. In either case, it’s dangerous for you to attempt to repair the problem yourself, therefore, you’ll want to contact the experts.

4. Frayed Wires

The electrical wires inside your Hamilton, ON home, can fray from heat, bending or corrosion. Nails or screws can also damage wiring by pinching or piercing through them. Rats and mice love chewing through electrical wires, which is likely not something you want to hear.

If you notice any signs of mice activity inside your house, check to see if there’s any damage to the wires. Damaged wires are dangerous no matter what the cause, and if you notice any damaged wiring, one of our licensed electricians from Bosanac Heating & Electric can come to your home and carefully examine and replace them.

5. Dimming Lights

Dimming lights in your home indicate an overload in the wiring or circuit. If your home’s lights dim when you turn the microwave or another appliance on, take note of the issue and have it looked at because it could mean you have a circuit or wiring that needs to be repaired or replaced.

If you’re noticing any signs in your home of electrical problems, you need to act sooner than later. Here at Bosanac Heating & Electric, our team of experts is here to help with any of your home’s electrical needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

To schedule service call us at (905) 545-3959 or schedule online.

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