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AC Service In Hamilton, ON

AC Service in Hamilton, ON and Surrounding Area

We suggest scheduling checkups around springtime and early summer, right before the hottest months. It is less expensive to schedule a checkup for regular maintenance than it is to repair an AC. It is important to know the routine maintenance of your AC, basic cleaning instructions, and things to look for when deciding whether you need to schedule a tune-up.

Routine Maintenance Consists of the following:

  • Oil the blower motors
  • Checking electrical parts and controls – To make sure they’re in proper working order.
  • Checking the refrigerant – low amounts signify a leak that needs repair work. Low levels can make your compressor burn out, leading to an expensive repair. 
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils – Dirty components can reduce efficiency and ability to cool. Check for additional problems. Clean your unit with a regular water hose and broom. 
  • Calibrate the temperature on the thermostat
  • Check and replace filters — Should be completed every month or few months. By periodically changing your filter, you can ease the strain on your AC system. 

How to Clean your AC Coil

The coil is the main component in cooling, and it’s where the refrigerator absorbs the heat to cool air. The coil can easily get covered in dirt, making it less efficient. Cleaning the coil can help increase AC efficiency. 

To Clean Coil:

  • Make sure AC power is off. Unscrew removable cover.
  • Clean dirt using a coil brush.
  • Run a fin comb along the coil.
  • Spray water over the coil. A coil cleaning solution can clean any excess debris and grime. 
  • Spray foaming coil cleaner on the outdoor unit and then wash it.  

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed. Make sure your AC unit can function properly without anything obstructing it.
  • Adjust your thermostat if you are away from home. This will increase the AC’s life cycle and there will be lowered utility bills. 
  • Make sure your house is insulated and properly sealed to keep cold air inside. Inspect ductwork to make sure it is correctly sealed. You don’t want cold air to pass through it without making it into your home. 

To Change the AC Filter:

  • Unscrew the front grill that leads to the vent. Remove the cover.
  • Reach out for the filter and set aside. It should have a brown color from dirt and debris.
  • Insert the new filter as shown by arrows, which point toward the AC.
  • Make sure the filter is correctly placed and isn’t loose. Then replace the cover. 
  • Changing your air filter will save you money and increase the longevity of your AC unit.

What AC Problems Should I Look For?

  • The AC is Not Making The Air Cool Enough — If the coils need cleaning or the filter needs replacing, the AC will blow out warm air. It also could be blowing warmer air because of a lack of refrigerants. 

  • The AC is Not Blowing Hard Enough — Poor airflow and decrease in circulation can occur from clogged filters or leaky ducts. Air cannot flow well through clogged ducts or filters that are overdue for replacing. 

  • A Leaking AC — This can happen when a pipe is clogged or there’s a refrigerant leak.

  • The AC is Not Controlling Humidity — Weather can get hot and mucky in spring and summer. Humidity can be a problem indoors and outdoors. If you feel there is extra moisture in the air and your AC is not dealing with those moisture levels, the evaporator coil may not be decreasing in temperature to the point of cooling the air and removing the moisture. A tune-up will get your coils working properly

  • The AC Unit is Making Strange Sounds — If your AC Unit starts making unfamiliar sounds like hissing, whistling or buzzing, it’s time for a tune-up. Get your AC Unit inspected and fixed as soon as you can.

  • Increase in Bills — Your AC could be drawing more energy and lack efficiency. The tune-up will improve the efficiency of your AC and help you save energy.

  • AC is Blowing Malodorous Air —The smell could occur from wet filters, a clog in the drain line, or a mold issue in the house. Sometimes the insulation needs to be replaced. Inspect the AC and make sure no animals have accidentally passed away in your AC unit. 

Air conditioners should be well maintained and kept up to date to give you the best air quality and performance you deserve. When you need a tune-up or AC repair,  Contact us today!  We will gladly service your AC and make sure it’s in the best working condition.

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