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Boiler Replacement In Hamilton, ON

Boiler Replacement in Hamilton, ON and Surrounding Areas

Signs That It May Be Time For Boiler Replacement And What To Consider When Buying One

Winter is just around the corner, and that means plummeting temperatures in most parts of the country. Those who are not thinking about it now will soon turn their attention to their boiler if they intend to keep their home nice and toasty during those harsh winter months. It is time to turn your attention to the potential signs that your boiler requires replacement right now.

Pilot Light Issues

Boilers are designed to last. They can survive for upwards of twenty years when properly maintained, but they also have a tendency to fall apart at the worst possible time. Older boilers that have been functioning for close to their natural life span may feature a pilot light on them. The pilot light stays on day and night constantly, and it is typical that they require replacement after all of that time. Issues with the pilot light may be an early warning sign that the boiler itself needs replacement. At the very least, it might be time for an upgrade regardless.

Problems With Leaks

The trouble with boiler leaks is that they are entirely unpredictable. You may be looking at a worst-case scenario with some leaks, and others may be a very minor fix. The tank is the worst possible place to have a leak as there is nothing you can do but get a boiler replacement at that point. Some pressure relief valves and pumps springing a leak may not be quite as serious of a concern as that could potentially be repairable.

Spikes In Your Heating Bills

Boilers degrade in performance as they get older just like any machine or living thing. The first way that many homeowners notice the decline in performance is through an increase in their heating bill. The boiler is having to use more energy than it did before to maintain the same levels of heat.

Any boiler beyond fifteen years in age that is also causing heating bills to spike should be considered for replacement. It is clear at that point that the boiler is not producing the way that it once did, and it may require a brand-new unit being brought in to bring those bills back into line with expectations.

Purchasing A New Boiler? What Should You Consider

Perhaps you have examined the warning signs that you might need a new boiler above and you are now concerned that they apply to your situation precisely. In that event, it is time to think about what factors matter the most when purchasing a new boiler.

Make sure you hit that sweet spot with your boiler to make it both affordable and highly useful to you at the same time. 

Fuel Type-  There may be less flexibility on the fuel type of the boiler that one decides to buy simply based on what is available in their particular area. Some places have a lot of options, but others are quite limited. If a gas-fueled boiler is available, this is likely the most affordable and efficient option on the market. Considering getting one of those if it is a possibility. 

Cooling System- Do not forget the other side of the temperature coin. Your boiler will only heat your home, not cool it. It is probably best to replace the air conditioning unit at the same time that the boiler is replaced and knock out two things at once.

This is certainly a lot of information to take in, and we want you to have the most valuable information at your fingertips at all times. We ask that you please contact us with any questions you might have about your boiler unit and when it is the right time to pull the trigger on buying a new one.

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