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What Would Cause A Furnace To Not Kick On?

When many homeowners switch on their furnaces for the first time in the chilly winter season, they find they face problems with the unit; it is either broken or damaged.

If you ensure timely maintenance on your furnaces, the problem will likely be a simple remedy.

If your furnace fails to ignite when you need it most, customers consider DIY remedy adjustments to get your heating system up as quickly as possible to save time and money. However, not all furnace problems are simple DIY fixes, but it is worth a shot before calling a professional from HVAC companies in Hamilton.

Facing Furnace Ignition Issues Well Here Might Be Some Of The Reasons 


One of the frequent complaints when a furnace fails to ignite, is a clicking sound followed by silence and no warmth. It means the furnace hasn’t started up yet.

Most individuals do not think about furnace service in Hamilton until the furnace stops operating. On a chilly day, nothing is more aggravating than a malfunctioning furnace. There are some reasons why your furnace won’t start when you switch on the heat.

  • Filthy Condenser and Filters

The heating system won’t turn on if the condensate pan and filters are blocked and dirty. A furnace service expert should come out and inspect your unit. They’d have to look for any pipe obstructions or leakages. There is a need for replacement if the damage is irreversible.

  • Fluctuating Pilot Light

Faulty pilot light or ignition sensor is the most common reason for a malfunctioning heater that the majority of; households face. A faulty or unclean ignition or sensor is a relatively easy repair that you may do yourself.

  • Troubling Thermostat

Make sure to adjust the thermostat temperature lower than the ambient temperature in your home. It is also possible that your thermostat has an internal problem that has to be addressed by a specialist. Examine the display to see whether it identifies the issue. If it still does not work, the issue is more complicated than a simple thermostat fix.

  • Ensure There Is No Power Trip

Electricity is required to operate your furnace. You should check whether the fuse that powers your furnace has tripped. Next, check that the power cord is in good condition. There may have been an electrical short if you observe burn marks on the heating system’s control board. You’ll need to hire a furnace service technician to fix the problem.

  • Blower Not Blowing

Your furnace will not turn on if there is a problem with the blower component. If the light is green, your blower is working, check through the inspection window. If the light is not illuminated or is red, there is an issue that should be addressed by a professional.

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