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What is The Cost on Replacing A Furnace Ignitor?

An air conditioner is one of the most vital appliances you can own. There are many parts involved and each of them should be healthy enough to work amazingly. If any one of the elements is in bad condition, then the system will not work smoothly.

When it comes to furnace ignitors, many things can go wrong. One another tip for you guys- system repair costs are expensive sometimes, especially the furnace ignitor. So, you have to make sure that everything is examined. To clear all the doubt; you’ll have when a situation like this comes up. We have some points that will help you through it.

Repair or Replace?

As mentioned before repairs, are expensive. Therefore, they might not come in handy. Apart from being expensive, it also depends on what and where the problem occurred. It can be the natural gas or blower issue and even heat exchanger. All of this will cost you over 1000$. Now the question arises can’t you repair the furnace ignitor? You cannot repair the furnace ignitor. Once it is damaged, It’s of no use. Some parts can be replaced at a less expensive cost. It might cost you around 400$+ which is better than repairing right?

Moderate Cost For Replacing Furnace Ignitor

The furnace ignitor cost around 25$ to 30$. Now one thing is clear that the part cannot be repaired. It will shut down the system immediately. So replacement is the better and also one of the most common modes of repairs. But before you decide to get a replacement, you should always know what you’re getting into. An HVAC contractor charges around 75$-80$ per hour and the labor charges start around 400$ and go up to 1500$. So, it depends on how much damage occurred.

Warranty Works Too

Are you planning on getting your furnace ignitor replaced? It will cost you some money that is not insignificant. Some come in less expensive but some parts are way too expensive. So having a warranty in your pocket will work like a charm. Now with the warranty, it will cost you around 400$. Now the labor charges go up to 1500$, This is 400$ so a warranty; will help you a lot. How will you know that your furnace ignitor is not working? If you get your system checked on an annual basis, then you’ll know.

DIY or HVAC Contractor

Many things are repaired by DIY. For example cleaning the filters, removing dust, setting your thermostat correctly. But when it comes to furnace ignitors. You cannot experiment on it and expect it to go back to normal. You can contact an HVAC contractor and get a piece of advice on what should be done. The correct HVAC contractor will guide you and help you in taking the decision.

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