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5 Steps and Tips for Cleaning a Furnace Flame Sensor

Is the cold of winter sneaking into your house? Is curling up next to the fire or covering yourself in a blanket the only way to stay warm? If this is the case, your gas furnace may require some maintenance. Regular cleaning and service are required to keep your gas furnace running at top efficiency. It is the best approach to getting the longest lifespan and dependability from your home heating system. Contact your local technician to get furnace service in Hamilton.

The Need

The gas sensor in your furnace is an important component of your gas furnace or any gas-powered heating equipment. This flame sensor safeguards your gas furnace from inappropriate or unsafe fuel combustion.

If this flame sensor is not thoroughly cleaned, it will not function as smoothly as you would want. That is why it is essential to clean the unit regularly.

When to Clean?

When does it become necessary to clean the flame sensor?
If your gas furnace is frequently underperforming, your flame sensor is likely the root cause of the problem. You can also use your gas furnace’s microamp readings to confirm it or contact an HVAC technician to get furnace service in Hamilton.

The Steps

Step 1: Turn off the furnace.
When performing any heating and cooling system or part (or any device in general) maintenance or clean-up, ALWAYS switch the unit off. Without a switch button, you can turn it off using the power switch on/near your furnace or the corresponding circuit breaker box.

Remember to turn off the main power, not just the thermostat.
In addition, if your gas valve is not automatically controlled, turn off the gas unit.

Step 2: Take out the flame sensor.
Find a flat metal rod-like part, which is normally located at the back of the burner and in the direction of the burner. Remove the screws and carefully remove the flame bracket or assembly sensors.

Step 3: Scrub the Sensor
To thoroughly clean some systems, you may need to disconnect the wires connected to the sensor. This step is optional. However, disconnecting the connections will give you more room and flexibility to cleanse the sensor afterward.

Wipe the metal rod lightly with light grit sandpaper, emery cloth, or steel wool to remove the carbon deposits. Then, using a clean and dry paper towel, remove any excess dirt and dust from the metal rod.

Step 4: Replace the sensor.
If you disconnected the cables heading to the flame sensor, reattach them. Then, replace the hex screws to secure the sensor to the burner bracket or assembly.

Step 5: Verify that the furnace now works fine.
Restart the furnace. Wait a few seconds since the furnace may not start right away and may still be resetting and performing some startup checks. Your furnace unit must normally run upon startup and remain on until the thermostat demands an automatic shut-off. Leave your furnace on for at least one round to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.

If this appears to be a lot of effort, it may be better to arrange a gas furnace service call. Bosanac Heating & Electric LTD’s gas furnace experts can perform gas furnace maintenance, replacement, and furnace repair in Hamilton so you can stay warm all winter! Give us a call right away!


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