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How Do You Use AC After a Long Time?

It is common sense to know that we only use air conditioners during the summer months. Knowing this fact leads to another question; how do you use your air conditioner after not turning it on for so many months?

In this article, we’re going to discuss the steps you should take to make sure your air conditioner is as efficient as it was last summer.

How Do You Prepare Your AC?

One can take several steps to ensure that your air conditioner is up and ready to fulfill its purpose in the summer season. Below, we list a few of these steps or precautions:

Replace The Filters:

Your filters are crucial to your health because they control how clean your air is. They will distribute allergens throughout your house if they are covered in dust. Clogged filters can harm your health and your air conditioning system equally. When clogged filters lead to overheating, a component will soon be lost. The quickest and easiest way to prepare your unit for the season is to replace the filter. Dust should be removed from a split air conditioner using a soft brush and warm water. Replace it when it’s dry and use the brand-new cooling power.

Clean Your Unit:

The crucial condenser, one of your most pricey components, is part of your outdoor equipment. Debris and clutter must be removed to allow for proper airflow. Pay close attention to your drain and fan blades. It might be better to contact a specialist to inspect your fan and coil if your equipment is left outside all winter.

Inspect Insulation:

 The coolant lines on your air conditioner are located on the back. They ought to be in good shape and properly insulated. Call a specialist if you notice frays, cracks, or missing insulation.

The System Should Turn On:

After removing any debris, you can securely change the batteries in your thermostat and turn on your air conditioning system. Verify that it is reaching the necessary temperatures and is supplying cool air to your vents. Make sure your vents are open as well.

Inspect Ductwork:

Any gaps and flaws in your visible ducting likely extend into your concealed ventilation system, leading to ineffective temperature regulation. A technician will be required to fix this. You can also prepare for an allergy-free season with a duct cleaning before the summer. This service is essential for those suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma.

Upgrade Your Thermostat:

You can run your AC using a smart thermostat when you’re not at home. It is worthwhile to invest in this function because it can help you save money. Lower utility expenses will be your reward for your efforts.

After you have taken the above steps, your AC should be good to go. If you have any problems doing the same, contact an expert who provides AC repair in Hamilton.


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