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5 Ways to Help Your Furnace Deal With Extreme Cold Weather

Even the most reliable furnace can use a helping hand during the harshest of cold snaps. At Bosanac Heating & Electric, we’ve been keeping homes warm and cozy for decades, and we know just what it takes to help your furnace service in Hamilton, ON. In this guide, we’ll share five key strategies to ensure your furnace remains efficient and steadfast when the mercury plummets.

Supplemental Heating Solutions

When the chill becomes unbearable, your furnace might need some reinforcements. Supplemental heating solutions can be a game-changer, especially during extreme cold weather.

Layering the Warmth:

Consider portable heaters and electric blankets to provide extra warmth in frequently used spaces. These are energy-efficient and can take the edge off your furnace’s workload.

Wood-Burning Stoves and Fireplaces:

If you have these options, don’t hesitate to utilize them. They provide not only extra heat but also a cozy ambiance.

Efficiency is Key:

Ensure that any supplemental heating source you choose is energy-efficient. The ENERGY STAR label can save you both money and energy.

Snow and Ice Removal Around the Furnace

A snowbound furnace is an inefficient furnace. Extreme cold weather can lead to snow and ice accumulation around your furnace, hindering its performance. Clearing this area is crucial.

Safe Clearing Practices:

Safely remove snow and ice around your furnace, ensuring that vents and exhaust pipes remain unobstructed. This guarantees proper airflow and prevents carbon monoxide buildup. 

Regular Checks:

Make it a part of your winter routine to inspect your furnace’s vicinity after heavy snowfall. Regular clearing will keep your furnace in top form.

Draft-Proofing Windows and Doors

Even the mightiest furnace can’t combat extreme cold effectively if your home is a sieve for drafts. Proper insulation is key to keeping your house warm.

Sealing Leaks:

Identify and seal any gaps or leaks around windows and doors. Weatherstripping and caulking can work wonders in preventing cold air from infiltrating your home.

Insulated Curtains:

Consider using insulated curtains to trap heat inside your rooms. These curtains can significantly reduce heat loss through your windows.

Seasonal Furnace Tune-Ups

Furnace maintenance is a proactive approach to ensure that your heating system performs at its best during extreme cold weather. Regular tune-ups are a small investment with significant returns.

Professional Check-Up:

Schedule a seasonal furnace tune-up with Bosanac Heating & Electric. Our experts will inspect, clean, and optimize your furnace for peak performance.

Filter Replacement:

Regular filter replacement is essential. Clean filters allow for efficient airflow, ensuring your furnace doesn’t have to work harder than necessary.

Humidification for Improved Comfort

Extreme cold can lead to dry indoor air, making your home feel colder than it actually is. Proper humidification can greatly improve comfort.

Humidifier Installation:

Consider installing a whole-house humidifier to maintain optimal indoor humidity levels. This can make your home feel warmer at lower temperatures.

Maintenance and Monitoring:

Regularly maintain and monitor your humidifier to ensure it’s working effectively. Proper humidity levels not only enhance comfort but also protect your furnishings.

Extreme cold weather can test the mettle of your furnace, but with the right strategies and support, you can ensure that it continues to keep your home warm and cozy. At Bosanac Heating & Electric, we understand the importance of reliable furnace repair in Hamilton, ON, and we’re here to help you through the chilliest of seasons. By implementing supplemental heating solutions, keeping your furnace’s surroundings clear, draft-proofing your home, scheduling seasonal tune-ups, and optimizing humidity levels, you can fortify your home against even the most frigid temperatures. Let your furnace be your steadfast ally during the winter, and rest easy knowing that it’s ready to take on whatever extreme cold weather throws its way. For expert furnace repair in Hamilton, ON, trust Bosanac Heating & Electric to keep your home warm and your family comfortable.

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