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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Know Before Summer!

Owning a central heating and cooling device at your place is an indulgence since it allows you to keep a pleasant home temperature all year round. Nevertheless, switching from a furnace to an air conditioning device or vice versa can take a considerable toll on your system’s operational efficiency. As a result, it is essential to conduct regular upkeep and AC repair in Hamilton every six months to keep your machine in top working order.

Top HVAC Maintenance Tips You Must Know Before The Summer Season.

Here are some of the top heating and cooling maintenance tips you must keep in mind during the upcoming summer season.

  • Pay Close Attention To Your AC Unit.

Just like you keep a close watch on the performance of your car and keep an ear out for uncommon rackets, do the same with your air conditioning system this summer. There might be a problem somewhere in the system if it makes a banging, clanking, grinding, or humming sound. The same is valid for performance problems like inadequate airflow, uneven cooling, thermostat issues, or puddles around your air conditioning indoor unit.

  • Change Your Air Conditioning Air Filters.

Disposable air filters keep your air conditioning device clean and limit the harmful contaminants from polluting the indoor air. However, these air filters accumulate a considerable amount of dirt with time. Thus, it is prudent to change your air conditioning air filters once every three months.

You must replace your filters more frequently when you have pets in your home or if it is allergy season. Furthermore, experts recommend selecting a filter rated MERV 7-11. Anything more will reduce the airflow on your air conditioning device and unnecessarily increase the burden on your air conditioning device and negatively affect its power efficiency.

  • Clear The Space Around Your HVAC System

Make sure the space surrounding your outside HVAC unit is invariably uncluttered to facilitate the free flow of air. Sometimes vines and shrubs are overgrown in winter, which can obscure your external device.

Thus, it is essential to chop these vines, shrubs, and other plants around your device to allow adequate airflow, and you must clear the areas within three feet of your air conditioning or heating unit. Some clearing and trimming of dirt and dust around your heating and cooling device can go a long way in ensuring the good health of your HVAC device.

  • Schedule Seasonal HVAC Upkeep

It is prudent to let a learned technician handle all the work. Not only are heating and cooling specialists trained to look for problems, but scheduling a seasonal visit will guarantee that you don’t overlook your HVAC device. Even though you might not be heating your home in the summer, seasonal maintenance can help ensure it stays in the most satisfactory condition for when winters arrive.

  • Clean Fans and Vents

An HVAC device will function adequately only if the fans and vents are clean. These vents and fans work all year round, providing your house with heating and cooling when needed, and this constant process easily induces dirt to accumulate. Cleaning these will assist in cooling or heating your home faster.

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