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Rooftops - Light Commercial Packaged Units

   Packaged systems can offer both heating and cooling performance from one product. Packaged heat pumps provide efficient electric heating and cooling to your home or business. Packaged air conditioners efficiently keep you cool in the summer, and gas furnace/air conditioner packaged products add the warmth of cozy gas heat in the winter. Regardless of your specific need, all packaged systems offer the legendary quality and affordability associated with the Goodman brand — and are backed by what we believe to be some of the best warranty coverages in the heating and cooling industry.

Packaged Air Conditioners

CPC 3 to 6 Tons — 13 SEER/ 11.3 EER

CPC 7-½ to 12-½ Tons — 11.5 EER

CPC 15-20 Tons — 11 EER

GPC13MC Multi-Position — 13 SEER


Packaged Heat Pumps

CPH 3-6 Tons — 13 SEER/ 11.3 EER

CPH 7-½-12-½ Tons — 11.5 EER

Packaged Gas/Electric Units

CPG 3-6 Tons — 13 SEER/ 11.3 EER

CPG 7-½ to 12-½ Tons — 11.5 EER

CPG 15-20 Tons — 11 EER

GPG13MC Multi-Position — 13 SEER


HKR Electric Heater Kits