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INFRARED HEATERS - Commercial and Industrial Heating


Infra-red heating has proven to benefit numerous Canadian markets. Brant Radiant has identified these applications and designed specialized heating systems that meet their challenging demands. A search by TYPE will further identify your product options..


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HL Series "Two-stage technology" for infra-red heating was introduced through the HL Series to the Canadian market in 1994 by Brant Radiant Heaters. Independent testing has documented a minimum of 12 percent additional savings through a 35 percent reduction in "on and off cycles" when the HL Series is compared to "single input" infra-red heating systems.
DR Series The DR Series of "high intensity" infra-red heaters feature a compact modular design and heater control systems to meet virtually any requirement - from rnilivolt to solid state ignition. The DR Series may be part of the solution for your particular heating needs for a new or retrofit building.
DX Series The DX Series is a single input value added tube-type infra-red heater incorporating the latest Re-Verber-Ray technology and offering such upgrades as indicator lights, titanium alloy aluminized steel combustion chamber, stainless steel burner, etc.
ST Series The Re-Verber-Ray low intensity ST series brings two-stage technology with basic direct spark ignition as a viable option to meet specific market parameters in new or retrofit applications.
SE Series The Re-Verber-Ray low intensity, fixed input SE series with basic direct spark ignition meet specific market parameters in new or retrofit applications.
SV Series The Re-Verber-Ray low intensity, fixed input SV series unitary vacuum type heaters, meet specific market parameters in new or retrofit applications.
HLV Series The Re-Verber-Ray HLV Series low intensity, engineered vacuum systems are the latest in infrared design combining the technological benefits of two-stage operation with your choice of condensing or non-condensing operation.
Quartz-Ray Electric The Quartz-Ray Electric line of infra-red heaters have inputs available from 500 to 4000 watts per heater and provides yet another option to the customer. The complete Quartz-Ray Electric product line features proven technology, ease of installation and energy efficiency.