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What Is An HVAC System, And How Does It Operate?

Your home needs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which is why HVAC systems are so important. HVAC systems help to regulate the temperature in your home, ensuring that you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as providing fresh air throughout the year.

Not only does an HVAC system improve the comfort of your home for you and your family, it also helps to create a welcoming environment for guests and relatives. If you’re in Hamilton and need heating and cooling services, it’s important to choose a reputable HVAC company.

Get To Know Your HVAC System

An HVAC system consists of heating equipment like a central heater, heat pump, chimney, water heater, boiler, solar heater, etc., ventilation systems like mechanical, hybrid ventilation, ERV, etc., and cooling units like central air conditioning and ductless mini splits.

The cooling and heating units can be ducted or ductless. HVAC works on geothermal energy, air source, fuel source, water source, solar energy, electricity, or a combination.

It is a common conception that technological advancement harms the environment, but HVAC systems offer eco-friendly comfort solutions too. Keep reading further to know the working process of the most commonly used heating and cooling systems in Hamilton.

Working Process Of HVAC Systems

Some components are common in all heating & cooling systems, like blower fans, air filters, thermostats, air vents, motors, and compressors. A few different parts and various heating and cooling sources differentiate the mechanism of one HVAC unit from the other. The most used heating and cooling system in Hamilton is of three types:

Air Conditioner: Give temperature input to the thermostat and turn the cooling mode ON. After receiving the instruction, the blower fan pulls the indoor hot air, and the filter traps dirt from this air. Then, the clean air reaches the evaporator coil, where the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air to throw the heat outside. The blower then blows cool air indoors through ductwork.

Some older and smaller homes don’t support ductwork; ductless air conditioners are also there to meet the comfort needs of such houses.

Central Heat: Like AC, the furnace also receives a signal from the thermostat to heat the room according to the temperature settings. The ignitor burns the pilot light using natural gas or propane. The pilot flame makes the heat exchanger hot enough to warm the coming air. Once the air gets warm, the blower supplies this air through ducts.

Central heaters are of three types, i.e., gas, oil, and electric furnaces. Of these three types, a gas furnace is the most cost-effective in terms of fuel cost and energy efficiency.

Heat Pump: A heat pump, depending on its type, takes heat from the air, water, or ground source. This heat makes the refrigerant warm, and the compressor transforms it into hot air. This hot air reaches indoors and makes the room warm. During summers, it simply absorbs the indoor heat and expels it outside.

Heat pumps are of three types. These three types are air, water, and ground source heat pumps. An air-source heat pump is the most preferred heating system because it is easy to maintain and ensures affordable running costs.

Heating And Cooling Services In Hamilton

Bosanac Heating and Electric LTD is an HVAC company synonymous with integrity and excellence. We provide HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, electrical, and indoor air quality services. We are strictly against pushy sales tactics and consider our clients’ trust the topmost factor.

If you seek one of the best HVAC companies in Hamilton, call 905-545-3959 or email us to schedule service with one of our best technicians.

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