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What Causes An AC Compressor To Stop Working?

Every year as summer makes us feel uncomfortably hot, we often turn to our trusted air conditioners to rescue us. However, there is nothing more infuriating than having an air conditioner that does not work. If you notice that your unit has started to blow warm air, it vibrates and makes a lot of noise before starting, it is very likely that there is an AC compressor failure.

How The AC Compressor Works

The AC compressor is an essential part of the air conditioner. It works as a pump to help squeeze and circulate refrigerant throughout the system. The refrigerant moves to the evaporator and absorbs the heat from the room, turning it into a gas. After this, the compressor squeezes and heats the gas converting it into a hot liquid. The liquid then is cooled by the condenser coils. The cycle gets repeated as the refrigerant goes back to the evaporator. As you can see, the compressor is integral for the air conditioner to function. You should always opt for AC repair Hamilton if you notice something is wrong with your compressor.

Troubleshooting The AC’s Compressor

Not every AC repair problem requires an expensive repair or replacement. You can easily troubleshoot the AC compressor to find out what is wrong with the unit before you call a trusted technician.

  • Check The Breaker Box – If you notice a trip, you should switch it off and back on. This will reset the control board, and if it was a minor problem, the system will be running in no time.
  • Test The Thermostat – test the thermostat and ensure the settings are proper to cool your room.
  • Listening For Buzzing Or Clicking – if the machine starts buzzing when switched on it indicates a problem in the capacitor, while if the machine starts clicking it refers to a problem in the AC compressor. You should replace the compressor by calling a technician if you notice this fault.

Why The Compressor Stopped Working

There could be several reasons why the AC compressor stopped working. Identifying the problem that troubles your air conditioner is essential to repair the AC and prevent the problem from occurring again.
The most common reasons for the AC compressor to stop working are

  • Dirty Condenser Coil- if the coils are dirty, the cooling will not occur as efficiently as before, causing warm air to be dissipated.
  • Blocked Or Incorrect Suction Lines- if there is a fault with the suction lines, the compressor will not work. The machine will start shaking when it starts up. The compressor should be treated by a technician as soon as possible.
  • Low Or Too Much Refrigerant Charge- if the refrigerant charge is low or too high, the compressor will not function. You should not remove the refrigerant yourself and call for an HVAC technician to do so.
  • Insufficient Oil Lubricant – Insufficient lubrication can cause the AC to overheat and burn out. Conducting regular checks and repairs can ensure you do not face this problem.


If you notice a problem with your AC’s compressor, you should call the best air conditioner repair hamilton to get it repaired today. They have a team of well-experienced technicians that will study and fix your compressor. Call (905) 545-3959 or visit Bosanac heating and electric LTD today!

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