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What Can Go Wrong If You Fail To Clean Your AC Filter?

Forgetting to clean your AC filter doesn’t sound like a particularly dangerous prospect. But some of the possible negative effects are serious enough to make you want to avoid them. Besides, not maintaining your AC will lead to more frequent air conditioner repair in Hamilton.

Not every homeowner is particular about cleaning their AC filters regularly. Part of the reason is the misunderstanding about the role that an HVAC filter performs. Contrary to popular belief, AC filters aren’t meant to purify indoor air. At the most, they can trap dust. They can’t, however, trap pollen and allergens.

The main job an AC filter performs is to safeguard the AC from pollutants in the air. Here, we will give you ample reasons why you should consider cleaning your AC filters to stay safe and healthy.

The Consequences of Not Cleaning The AC Filter are as Follows:

  • Decreased Efficiency

When the AC filter is coated with grime and dust, the unit will consume more energy to eject air. That can lead to extra power consumption and consequently high electricity bills. The adverse impact on the environment is another cause of concern.

  • System Overheating

Clogged AC filters can lead to the unreliable performance of the air conditioning unit. Such a situation can trigger overheating of the system and then lead to failure of essential AC components like the blower. Additionally, you will also need to schedule air conditioner repair in Hamilton more often. This will also warrant more replacements.

  • System Freezing

If your system isn’t generating cold air as expected, it might be frozen up. That happens because dirty filters limit the flow of cold air, causing the cold air to accumulate inside and freeze up the system. This situation might even lead to ice formation on the coils.

  • Increased Health Problems

If the AC filter becomes excessively clogged with dirt, harmful pollutants might get inside the ductwork. From there, the pollutants can enter the air in the room resulting in decreased air quality and increased health risks. For people suffering from conditions like allergies and asthma, a dirty filter can make matters even worse by aggravating their symptoms.

  • More Difficult to Clean

AC filters become even more difficult to clean if you ignore them for a longer period. In more serious cases, you will have to book air conditioner repair in Hamilton or order a complete replacement of the affected components.

  • Unsatisfactory Performance

Poor AC performance due to dirt-clogged filters will degrade the air quality, thus compromising the comfort and well-being of your family. Your system might shut down completely or turn off before it reaches a favorable temperature.

As mentioned, something as simple as not cleaning AC filters can lead to dire circumstances. Therefore, it is always recommended that you stay on the safe side and clean your AC filters regularly.

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