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Ways To Give Your Air Conditioner A Break This Summer

Even though a lot of people prefer to leave their air conditioners switched on for a long time, this isn’t always advisable. Not only can it cause the system to wear out faster, needing an AC repair in Hamilton, but it also increases your utility bill. Therefore, it is better to give your system a break now and find other ways to remain cool. By doing so, your system can remain efficient for a longer period.

Alternate Ways To Remain Cool This Summer

Rather than Googling the phrase “air conditioning companies near me” to repair your system, spend this summer giving your AC unit a much-needed break by using the following ways to remain cool.

  • Close Curtains And Blinds

It is a good idea to close your curtains and window blinds during the hottest part of the day. This blocks out the heat, providing a shade that allows your home to remain cool. This way, you can avoid having your AC running continuously as the room will be able to circulate the cooled-down air for a longer time. It is also a good idea to open them up in the evening when the weather becomes cooler.

  • Use Your Fan

Instead of leaving your AC on for a long time, you can switch to your fan instead. The main purpose of a fan is to help circulate the air in the room. Using the fan once the AC has been turned off allows it to circulate the cool air which is present in the room. However, ensure to switch off the fan once you leave the room.

  • Invest In A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to program the temperature of your AC as well as the duration of the operation. Ensure that the thermostat is set at an optimal temperature of around 78 degrees during the day and 88 degrees at night. This way, your system doesn’t have to operate continuously, reducing the need for an air conditioner repair in Hamilton.

  • Use Heat Appliance At Night

It is better to use appliances that produce a larger amount of heat at night. These appliances contribute to the amount of heat your system needs to cool down. As nights are cooler, running these appliances not only reduces the amount of time your AC needs to be on but also reduces your energy bill.

  • Insulate Your Home

Insulation acts as a barrier that prevents heat from being carried from one place to another. By properly insulating your home and the ductwork, you reduce the chance of heat entering from outside. This also reduces the amount of time you leave your AC on, giving it a break from the constant operation.

Just like our bodies, our AC units need a break too. With proper maintenance and care, your unit can last longer and be more efficient. At Bosanac Heating and Electrical, we are here to help you maintain your AC properly. If you are interested in air conditioning services in Hamilton  that are affordable, call us at (905)-545-3959. You can also email us at [email protected].

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