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The Most Common Air Conditioner Issues & Solutions

Even for relatively minor problems with our air conditioners, we usually consult a technician. Various common issues that develop with air conditioners after purchase, require AC repair in Hamilton. Below is a list of the underlying reasons for these problems:

Common AC Problems and Their Troubleshooting

Dirty Air Filters

An AC filter maintains a clean airflow free of dust and other impurities. The performance of your air conditioning system will suffer if the air filter is clogged with debris, as this will restrict airflow. Additionally, when the filter is dirty, the system’s ability to effectively cool the air is lessened.

During peak seasons, when an air conditioner is used most of the time, clean the air filter every two months and clean it every two weeks. Intelligent air conditioning controllers can also help you monitor the status of the system’s filters. They can send a notification when you should clean the air filter.

Strange Sounds

If your air conditioner produces a gentle humming sound, it will likely function well. If your air conditioner frequently makes loud pounding, buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds, there may be a problem.

If the external unit produces a thumping or banging noise, the fan blades or other components may have become dislodged or malfunctioned. If your air conditioner is making a loud buzzing noise, it may be due to clogged air filters, dirt in the indoor or outdoor unit, or loose parts. 

The Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

It can be aggravating when you wake up in the morning to find that the air conditioner would not turn on. The air conditioner will not activate for some reason, even if set to a lower temperature.

Sometimes this issue is caused by a tripped circuit breaker. Additionally, the thermostat or wiring could be defective. You must contact HVAC specialists equipped with specialized diagnostic tools for air conditioning repair in Hamilton that help in isolating any electrical problems that may be present. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit is Producing Warm or Hot Air

It isn’t very pleasant when an air conditioner only sends out room-temperature air. Before taking any other action, ensure that the settings on your thermostat haven’t been altered by accident. Changing your air filter should be the first thing you do if your thermostat settings are correct.

Frequent causes of air conditioner troubles, such as frozen coils, or clogged and outdated air filters can be the culprit of many issues. If the filter does not cause the problem, insufficient refrigerant may be the cause. You may confirm this by running your palm along two more extensive copper lines leading into the unit’s condenser.

The levels are acceptable if the surface is cool and moist to the touch. To either refill or repair the refrigerant reservoir, a trained technician will need to be contacted. To complete the task, you should get an HVAC technician for AC repair in Hamilton. 


Contact Bosanac Heating & Electric to schedule an appointment for a maintenance or air conditioning repair in Hamilton. We offer our customers exclusive services to aid them in avoiding the headache of dealing with typical air conditioner problems. In addition, we provide all solutions to help you reduce your overall expenditures.

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