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Tankless Water Heaters

Get your Rebate today!

Only Available Until March 31, 2021

Simply purchase an Energy Star certified tankless water heater before March 31st, 2021 or prior to the exhaustion of government funding. The rebate value equals 25% off the purchase price up to a maximum discount of $1000. Taxes payable on full purchase price before rebate. To qualify for the rebate, the product must be delivered or installed in Ontario.  

How do Tankless Water Heaters work?

A tankless water heater has no tank and stores no hot water. When hot water is needed, the water is heated on demand. When the hot water tap is turned on it triggers a flow switch that activates the burner which heats the cold water entering the tankless water heater. The water is rapidly heated to the desired temperature. This continues for as long as the hot water tap remains in the ‘on’ position. When the tap is turned ‘off’ the system shuts down resulting in substantial energy savings over units that have hot water stored in the tank on ‘stand-by’.

A tankless water heater can save space and offer flexibility being able to be installed close to the point of use. Click here to learn more about your water heater options with Bosanac. 

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