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Signs Your Furnace May Explode

The biggest reason why HVAC professionals suggest HVAC buyers regularly maintain and service their appliances is to avoid the chances of explosion. Maintenance ensures no leading causes that can cause the furnace to explode.

However, we can easily identify the signs that may indicate your furnace is about to blast. You must ensure to keep your calm if you notice any of these signs and contact your HVAC company for furnace repair in Hamilton after evacuating your home. This article will describe the signs of furnace explosions and avoid them.

Signs of a Furnace Explosion

These minor yet significant signs can help you save yourself and your family from the potential risks of furnace explosions. It would help not panic after noticing these indicators, as you may delay working on them.

  • Fuel Smell

If you have a gas furnace, you may face a fuel leakage due to no maintenance jobs from a professional technician. Fuel smell means that the fuel in your furnace is leaking if you did not work with fuel otherwise. Please do not turn on a switch or an electric appliance as it may trigger the explosion. Contacting an HVAC company for heating replacement in Hamilton, ON, is the only way to tackle this problem.

  • Sensor Going Off

Installing carbon monoxide sensors is a great step to save yourself from a furnace explosion. You can easily find such devices from a company that provides furnace repair in Hamilton. These indicators are necessary because carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and extremely toxic for humans. Carbon monoxide can leak into your home along with other explosive gases, and these sensors can detect it before you can. You can contact the fire department or your HVAC contractor to fix this problem.

  • Too Much Heat

A furnace’s work is to warm your home, not make it a boiler. Suppose you notice that the furnace is boiling your house. The system is overheating to a point where heat spreads throughout the house and explodes. You should quickly shut off your furnace, evacuate your home, and contact your HVAC contractor to inspect your system.

  • Oil Leakage

If you have an oil-fueled furnace, you may face oil leaks due to cracks. These oil leaks can cause the system to malfunction or even explode. Your HVAC contractor will take care of this.
How to Prevent a Furnace Explosion?

The best way to prevent furnace explosions is to regularly inspect and maintain it through a professional, as they know better than us. Moreover, you should disable your furnace system in the summer season to avoid its malfunctioning. Also, clean or replace its air filters frequently while you use the furnace.

Many owners tend to panic when they notice the above signs of explosions. However, having a trustworthy HVAC company behind your back to provide emergency services helps calm you down. Bosanac shall be there for emergency services like heating replacement in Hamilton, ON, when you detect such signs. Contact us at (905) 545-3959.

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