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Signs You Need Professional AC Services

The air conditioning system in your home is an essential component that comes in handy when the temperature rises significantly. However, what if there is no cold air from the indoor unit when you switch on the AC system? The problem may require our AC service experts in Hamilton to fix your AC unit. Before the situation leads to this, your AC system provides indications that you need a professional service.

Signs That You Need to Schedule a Service with AC Technicians

Look for these signs and schedule a service with our air conditioner repair expert in Hamilton:

Warm Air

It is concerning when the air conditioning system blows warm air instead of cold air. When first diagnosing the issue, it is suggested to look at the thermostat settings. Moreover, clean the condenser coils as excessive dust on the coils disrupts the heat exchange process. 

Poor Airflow

If you feel that some rooms are warm despite the AC system working continuously, check the ducts. Leakage or holes in the ducts can cause the air to escape away. Clean the AC system interior and replace the air filter. 

Short Cycles

The AC system runs for around 10-15 minutes to cool your home and takes a rest of 8-10 minutes. If you see any issue in the timing, the system is under a lot of pressure, causing it to short cycle. Contact our AC repair professional in Hamilton to service your system.

Water Pools

The formation of water pools is a sign there is an issue with evaporator coils or condensate drain. Check the condensate drain; if they are blocked, use a long metal wire to clean it. Call our expert to replace the condensate drain pan if you see a crack on the installed one. If the water pool is indoors, the evaporator coils are frozen, or there is a lack of refrigerant. 

Increased Humidity

Apart from maintaining temperature, the job of the AC system is to maintain humidity levels as well. If you feel the air around you is more moist and heavy than usual, or you feel uneasy when the AC system is on, there is high humidity in the air. Call our AC service technician in Hamilton to get instant relief from humidity by dehumidification service.

Strange Noises and Foul Odors

All the AC systems are bound to run at minimal noise. However, contact our experts if you start hearing screeching, rattling noises. Moreover, smells also indicate an issue that an expert can fix.

It is better to schedule a service with an AC service technician in Hamilton when you notice any of the signs. You can delay the repair service; however, it will only make the issue more complicated and the repair service more expensive.

Experts at Bosanac Heating and Electric Ltd. can help you resolve the issues. Call (905) 545-3959 to talk to our experts and schedule and appointment today.

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