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Reasons Why Your AC Filter Gets Dirty Frequently

Air conditioners are a necessity on summer days. Imagine the happiness you get once you come back home from outside and switch on your air conditioner, waiting for the cool air to come. But you get warm air instead.

Warm air is a common yet urgent problem in air conditioners. When your air conditioner cannot fulfill its foremost responsibility, there is definitely something wrong with it. Many reasons can cause warm air to come out from the system. You should call for AC service in Hamilton to grab the root of the problem.

Role of AC Filters

One of the reasons for warm air is dirty filters. Filters are responsible for removing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the indoor air. With time, they get clogged and affect the overall working of the central system. Keeping them in the best condition is necessary.

You can clean the filters once a week or fortnight or contact a company for AC service in Hamilton to do the same. But if you feel that the filters are getting dirty frequently, this may indicate other problems.

Here are a Few Reasons Why Your Filters Get Dirty More Often:

  • Wrong Filter

You can find many air conditioner filters in the market. One-inch pleated filters get dirty more often than other filters due to their design. You can use cheap and disposable fiberglass filters or thick-pleated filters instead.

  • Wrong Setting

Ensure that the thermostat fan is at auto. If not, the fan will run continuously, causing the air to run over the filters continuously, and the filters get dirty quickly. You may have to contact an HVAC company for AC repair in Hamilton if the system breaks down due to a wrongly set thermostat.

  • Leaking Air Ducts

Leaking air ducts cause the condensed air to leak into the walls instead of going to the rooms. Your air conditioner has to work harder and for longer hours if this problem remains. Since the system works for more hours, the filters get dirty quickly. You cannot solve this problem on your own; contact AC repair in Hamilton to help you solve the leaking problem.

  • Pets

We love pets, but their hair may not love the filters. The filters have to face more pet hair and other contaminants, which cause them to block and clog. The simple solution to this problem is to brush your furry friends regularly and bathe them often so that they do not have any dirt or dust on them which may enter the filters.

Since air conditioner filters are a crucial part of the system, they should be clean to work efficiently. If you feel that the filters are still getting dirty often, even after following these steps, let Bosanac Heating & Electric help you find the real cause of the problem at affordable rates. You can search for a company for air conditioner installation in Hamilton, or you can contact us at our number (905) 545-3959

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