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Most Common AC Problems

Numerous problems can occur with your air conditioner. Cleaning a condensation drain or resetting a compressor button are two examples of straightforward repairs. Others are challenging to diagnose, let alone repair. Calling an air conditioning specialist for AC repair in Hamilton is the best solution.

Here are a Few of the Most Common Issues

Air Filters and Condenser Coils that are Dirty:

Dirty filters are the most common issues that can harm your air conditioner. Failure to clean your AC filters can cause dirt to clog them. This not only reduces airflow but also causes the air conditioner to freeze. The best way to keep dirty air filters from causing damage to your AC is to replace them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The heat removed from the air is expelled outside the building by your unit’s condenser coils, which are part of the outdoor unit. When the condenser coil is clogged with dust, dirt, and grime, it will not work correctly. Your AC has to work harder, resulting in increased wear on the parts and even system failure. 

Low Refrigerant Levels:

If your AC develops leaks in the refrigerant lines, you may run out of refrigerant and be unable to cool the air effectively. Unfortunately, correcting this air conditioner problem requires more than simply replacing the refrigerant. An AC repair in Hamilton technician must locate the leaks and repair the holes in the lines.

Leaking Ducts:

The cooled air from the AC is carried by the ductwork that runs through your walls and ceilings. However, if there are holes or cracks in the ducts (caused by rodents or careless workers), that cold air will end up inside your walls, where it will be useless. Of course, this scenario makes your air conditioner work harder, increasing your energy bills.

Your Air Conditioner is Extremely Loud:

You should be able to feel your air conditioner working but not hear it. If your air conditioner sounds like it’s struggling to keep you cool, it probably is. Failing air conditioners make various noises for a novice to recognize or diagnose. Screeching and squealing may indicate a faulty belt.

Rattling sounds could indicate a problem with the fans, motor, or compressors. Aside from checking your thermostat and clearing debris from around your outdoor unit, suspect noises are best corrected by a timely air conditioner repair in Hamilton

Fan Breakdowns:

The AC has two fans: one blows air over the evaporator coil, and another blows air over the condenser in your outdoor unit to expel the absorbed heat outside the building. Damage to either of these fans will result in insufficient airflow. If you suspect a problem with the airflow, have a technician inspect the fans. Please don’t ignore this problem because it can lead to compressor failure, permanently damaging your air conditioner.

Regular maintenance can easily prevent virtually all of the most common causes of air conditioner problems. Each spring, have Bosanac Heating & Electric LTD inspect and tune up your system before turning it on for the first time. If you seek air conditioner repair in Hamilton, call us at 905-545-3959 or drop us a mail here. 

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