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How Do You Stop Your Furnace From Repairing?

Winter seems to be a long time coming. There are, however, several things you can do right now to start preparing for it. The furnace repair in hamilton and furnace service hamilton recommends a list of six things you can do this winter to prevent furnace repairs from aiding you out.

Air Vents That Have Been Closed Should Be Opened

Closing vents in vacant rooms, contrary to popular opinion, is not a good idea. Rather than conserving energy, it may degrade the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, producing further problems.

Replace The Air Filter As Needed (And Keep Doing it All Winter)

We provide this advice often, not just because it is important but also because many homeowners do not implement it consistently. If you have a simple fibreglass filter, you should replace it at least once a month.

Do you trust us when we say we’re exaggerating? Take a look at these two ways an air filter may wreak havoc on your HVAC system.

Examine The Battery in The Thermostat

We receive worried calls from folks who are without heat regularly. However, when we get to their homes, we find that the problem is a simple thermostat battery problem that they could have resolved independently or with our help.

The batteries in thermostats have a life span of three to four years. If you haven’t replaced them in a while or aren’t sure when they were last changed, now might be a good time to do so to avoid problems coming winter.

Learn How to Use Your Thermostat

We sometimes get calls claiming that the furnace won’t turn off or the stove is on, but the air isn’t hot. It’s possible, though, that there will be no problem at all. The thermostat fan’s “on” setting is probably the root of the issue.

As a result, you must know how to use your thermostat. The following is the difference between “on” and “auto” gan settings:

  • The fan is on all the time. The fan will continue to circulate air through your vents even if the furnace is turned off.
  • The furnace fan only goes on while the furnace is heating the air. When the furnace is turned off, the fan is also turned off.

Now is The Time To Turn it On

It’s been a long time since you’ve used your furnace. It’s a great way to check sure it’s operating correctly by turning it on right now (or very soon). That way, if there is a problem, you’ll be able to address it before the harsh winter arrives.

Make Time For Your Annual Maintenance Appointment

Now is the time to schedule your yearly heating tune-up in Hamilton if you’re a furnace service in hamilton client. You’ll have a higher chance of receiving the most convenient time and date.

If you aren’t already a maintenance member, schedule a furnace tune-up in Hamilton to prevent heating problems this winter. Visit Bosanac Heating and Electric Limited, which is our official website, or call us at (905) 545-3959.

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