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How Do You Reset The Pilot Light On A Furnace?

The pilot light in the furnace lights the burners and begins the heating process. Pilot lights were standard on all gas furnaces; however, pilot light igniting mechanisms aren’t usually included in newer models. Electronic ignition methods are now used in contemporary furnaces.

Your furnace will not create heat if the pilot light goes out because the burners will not ignite. Many times, homeowners may relight the pilot on their own. Here’s how to relight a gas furnace’s pilot light step by step.

5 Steps to Relighting a Pilot Light


1. Locate The Reset Switch For The Pilot Light Assembly

The pilot light of a furnace is usually controlled by a knob at the bottom of the device. Three settings are generally noted on the knob:

  • Pilot
  • On
  • Off

Look in your furnace’s handbook provided by the HVAC companies hamilton and heating replacement in hamilton on a schematic showing where the pilot light and reset switch are located if you can’t find them easily. Check the manufacturer’s website online if you can’t discover the printed handbook.

2. Turn off The Reset Switch

Turn the knob to the “Off” position. You should be able to adjust it with your fingertips. The gas flow is halted as a result of this action.

3. Take A Breather

It’s crucial to wait a few minutes after shutting off the pilot before trying to relight it. This allows the gas to escape the chamber and prevents the pilot light from igniting due to excess gas. It just takes one minute or two.

4. Turn on The Pilot Light Again

Allow gas to flow to the pilot by turning the knob to “Pilot.” Light a match or a more delicate one, then press the reset button. Keep your flame close to the entrance of the pilot light. Keep pressing the reset button until the pilot light is steady. Then let go of the control.

5. Keep an Eye on The Furnace

Your furnace should start up automatically after you’ve relit the pilot light and removed the reset button. For a few seconds, keep an eye on the pilot light to make sure it remains lit. Examine the surrounding area for drafts or other air sources that may have caused the pilot light to go out first.

A broken thermocouple is a typical source of pilot light difficulties. The thermocouple isn’t exhibiting accurately if the pilot light ignites but goes out after releasing the “reset” button. This is a symptom that there is a block in the pilot tube. Thermocouples can be changed, but we suggest enlisting the help of an HVAC specialist.

Most contemporary gas appliances use electric starters instead of pilot lights. If your older devices still have flames, understanding how to relight the pilot light if it goes out is helpful. Continue reading to discover how to relight the pilot light on a gas furnace, water heater, oven, or stove.

However, if you detect a strong natural gas odor, do not attempt to light the pilot. Instead, contact our specialist at HVAC companies in hamilton. Check out our official website, or call us at (905) 545-3959.

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